The Dark Confidant – Hour of Devastation Modern Review

Hour of Devastation is upon us! Like with sets past, today I decided to review all the cards’ potential impact on Modern. Let’s get started right away!

This has at least potential as a sideboard card against Burn. Presumably, if you resolve this low on life that should straight up win the game. Not sure if it will have some other uses though, which means it might not see much play over other less powerful cards against Burn that also have applications in other matchups.

The effect is borderline in how powerful it is relative to the cost of not untapping your lands for one turn. Depending on what you get to steal though, this might be worth it especially since it can not be disenchanted like other Control Magic type effects. Might have some applications in the sideboard at best.

Damnation for three mana without the “can’t be regenerated“ part might just be a bit too underpowered with its drawback, especially since you rarely want to pull the trigger on turn three anyway. Beyond turn 3, I would rather pay four for Damnation. Unlikely to have any impact for that reason.

This might have some fringe combo potential. After all, it gets you four cards and up to 20 mana for just 6 mana (well… 12), but right now I wouldn’t know what to do with it. Still, the effect is powerful enough to keep in mind for the future because there might easily be a deck that can make good use of it.

This is the least flashy of the effects but also one of the most robust. Getting a 5/4 on turn two is close to Tarmogoyf power level while always being 5/4 and trading with the average Tarmogoyfs. A Noble Hierarch can help mitigate the downside. The problem is that the effect is not flashy enough for the lost early tempo in a format like Modern while also creating a vulnerable token which makes it unlikely to end up having much impact. Still, worth keeping in mind.

Might have some fringe uses in a world of Lilianas and Death’s Shadows, but with so much cheap, efficient removal and contested sideboard space chances aren’t too high for it to make a splash.

This is a sweet one for Modern. A Vendilion Clique like card that also gives us a rare Stifle effect with an attached cantrip is definitely noteworthy. While I don’t expect this to see play as a four-of, it adds nice options and utility to blue decks that want some flexible slots to deal with unfair decks while beating down fair decks.

We haven’t had a Phyrexian Negator type card in a long time. The problem is that a lot of decks play way too many cheap cards for its downside to be acceptable and the overall powerlevel has come a long way in Modern since Phyrexian Negator was around in Extended. In times of Tarmogoyf, this likely won’t have a chance to see much play if any.

This might actually have some legit impact and help make the UB Mill “Combo” deck more viable. Playing this and then Archive Trapping should kill an opponent very quickly.

While this is very fragile and a bit slow, it is also really powerful and generates quite a large board which might make this appealing in Company/Chord decks as a one-of to grind out fair decks.

Solemnity would have made for a decent sideboard option against Infect with some potential use elsewhere. With Infect hardly a deck anymore, I don’t expect to see this card do much. Still, it is a unique and interesting enough card to keep in mind for the future.

A two mana 3/3 Flying that dodges sorcery speed removal like Liliana of the Veil plus added value in the lategame thanks to the Scry might make this just interesting enough to try. Delver and other tempo style decks that are heavy on spells especially cheap cantrips might be interested in some number of this.

This card has some really appealing flexible that might make it see play in small numbers in blue control decks. It might be just a tad too underpowered to make it but it is worth trying.

This might be a decent sideboard option against Burn for some decks but by now we mostly have better options to fight Burn.

Claim // Fame might just be cheap and good enough to deserve some consideration in Modern since it can bring back cards like Snapcaster Mage, Death’s Shadow and Tarmogoyf to name a few highlights. Grixis Death’s Shadow springs to mind as one of the potential options to fling a Death’s Shadow at the opponents face out of nowhere in the lategame. While space is tight and competition strong with cards like Kolaghan’s Command, this might have a shot as a one-of. It might even find its way into some fresh deck that can make good enough use of it.

This looks like a better Bojuka Bog and a nice option for graveyard hate in the sideboard especially for decks with land search like Expedition Map.

This seems like a decent manland thanks to fetchlands, but gets likely overshadowed by the Worldwake type manlands since they are also dual lands and conditionless to activate.

All in all I would say this set has extremely little to offer for Modern compared to most recent sets and the options I discussed here are mostly very fringe and speculative at best. Seems like we have to wait for the next set if we are looking for some new toys to keep things interesting in Modern. Let me know in the comments what you think and if I missed anything.

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Emanuel Sutor

Emanuel Sutor

Emanuel Sutor is a long time competitive Magic player from Germany with a Grand Prix final and a Pro tour Top 16 under his belt. He is a constructed expert and co-founder of 'Team Luxurious Hair' now called 'Team TCGPlayer'. He loves brewing and tuning decks in various constructed formats and in his column he confides his findings to you.

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Published:July 12, 2017


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