The Dark Confidant – Amonkhet Constructed Set Review: The Rest

Time to review to the rest of the cards in the last part of my review. Here again are the ratings established before:

  • Multi-Format Staple – Powerhouse in multiple formats.
  • Single-Format Staple – Powerhouse in a single format.
  • Hit or Miss – Either potentially gamebreaking and enabling a powerful deck or otherwise unplayable.
  • Potential Role Player – Solid card that goes into various decks and does its job without making or breaking any deck.
  • Fringe Playable – Situational niche card that might be ok in small numbers in specific decks or metagames or in a very specific archetype as a filler.
  • Not good enough – Just not good enough for constructed while not being obvious draft chaff.

Dusk to Dawn

Pretty nice split card overall. Having a decent Wrath for four again is a nice thing on its own and the other half is a nice bonus. It potentially lines up in a low-to-the-ground, White Weenie style deck as a way to beat decks with bigger creatures as well as a recouping mechanism against grindier control decks.

Tl;dr: Role Player

Commit to Memory

The front side seems a bit clunky although decent due to its flexibility. The problem is that the backside is very clunky and also pretty situational. All in all the card seems not that likely to make a big impact, but might find some uses.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Never to Return

A sorcery speed Hero’s Downfall still seems pretty decent especially with some added utility and value attached to it down the road in a format without an actual Hero’s Downfall.

Tl;dr: Role Player

Insult to Injury

Insult seems a bit clunky and niche but might make for a decent sideboard card for a red aggro deck while providing some removal on the back end to make it worth the card invested.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Mouth to Feed

This one actually seems pretty sweet to me. A 3/3 for three is pretty decent and adding an arguably powerful card draw spell for later makes it look pretty appealing. This might be the power level Call of the Herd needs in this Modern day and age to cut it.

Tl;dr: Role Player maybe even Single-Format Staple

Start to Finish

Possibly decent card for a deck that can cast both halves, but nothing too exciting. Unconditional removal has some appeal though.

Tl;dr: Potential Role Player

Reduce to Rubble

So we get a three-mana Mana Leak with a weird and situational tempo card attached to it. Unlikely to see play.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Destined to Lead

Overpriced and underpowered situational effects. Not really worth it.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Onward to Victory

Both effects once again are pretty situational and underwhelming I think.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Spring to Mind

Ramp becomes worse the later it happens and the more it costs and Inspiration for six is also not impressive. Maybe there is a deck that cares for the utility of having both in one card more than the awkward tempo lost from it but I’m skeptical.

Tl;dr: (Maybe) Fringe Playable

Prepare to Fight

This one seems a bit too limit oriented in what it does and what it costs. Doubt it will make a splash in constructed.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Failure to Comply

Reasonably costed but ultimately I think it doesn’t do enough for a card. Maybe some fringe sideboard use but unlikely. Especially true since Comply is Sorcery speed so you can’t even deny them the card you counter for the turn if they can play it again.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Rags to Riches

Rags alone is already pretty decent and I would say in a slow deck Riches makes up for Rags being a bit overcosted. This looks like a card that made be able to see some play.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Cut to Ribbons

A decent removal spell with a free reach finisher attached at a reasonable rate looks pretty nice to me.

Tl;dr: Potential Role Player

Heaven to Earth

I guess a Hurricane without player damage with an attached more expensive Earthquake without player damage seems at least something to keep in mind.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Nissa, Steward of Elements

This is a really interesting one. Nissa is basically a three-cost Planeswalker with three loyalty the turn you play her with a lot of upside and flexibility. The fact that she scales so well into the lategame and can serve as a card advantage, card selection engine and a finisher makes her look pretty great to me. I really like the concept and her potential.

Tl;dr: Potential Single or even Multi-Format Staple

Samut, Voice of Dissent

This card is VERY confused with all the keywords it has, particularly since haste and flash partially have tension with each other. Ultimately we get creature with four toughness that hits for six a turn that can either be used as an end-of-turn, post-sweeper ambusher or simply cast the turn after the sweeper or any other turn to have immediate impact. Her activated ability can make it really hard for an opponent to attack into her if her owner has any other decent creature decent at attacking and blocking. Finally, if she lives she generates extra pressure by giving follow up creatures haste. All in all, Samut is pretty flexible and decent if you can get past all the weird confusion and the fact that she requires three colors for maximum value and utility. Not sure what exactly to do with her but the kind of card that has a high chance of being useful.

Tl;dr: Potential Roleplayer

Neheb, the Worthy

If you can enable him early enough he looks like a solid three-drop in an aggressive shell with some potential upside if you can fit in some other Minotaurs like Merciless Javelineer. Dying to Kozilek’s Return is potentially problematic though.

Tl;dr: Potential Role Player

Bounty of the Luxa

Another potential powerhouses that could either enable a powerful strategy or which won’t see much play at all. Both effects seem really strong if you have a use for them. The ramp effect does not happen until turn six so it needs to ramp into some big stuff to be worth the ramping part at that point in the game.

Tl;dr: Hit or Miss

Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons

This is pretty underwhelming given it has weak stats and no evasion meaning the opponent needs to have tapped creatures in order for her to connect and still have targets for her ability to make 1/1s. Despite that, she seems potentially really powerful together with the oversized -1/-1 counter creatures to curve her into. So if there is a deck that uses use those cards she could end up being pretty impressive.

Tl;dr: Potential Role Player

Temmet, Vizier of Nakramun

A 2/2 for two with heavy requirements is not impressive at all but the effect is pretty strong if you can take full advantage of it. Even if his embalm cost is high, it’s still a decent bonus. All in all if there is a home for it this should do some work.

Tl;dr: Potential Role Player

Enigma Drake

We had similar cards like this before and they usually had little to no impact. While four toughness and flying is nice I still don’t see where this would go.

Tl;dr: (Likely) Not Good Enough

Wayward Servant

Pretty solid two drop option for the WB Zombie deck.

Tl;dr: Role Player

Ahn-Crop Champion

The stats are ok and it is a Human but the exert ability is pretty low impact and the rest is all way too mediocre to likely see play.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Khenra Charioteer

A 3/3trampler that gives your other creatures trample seems too underwhelming and underpowered these days.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Honored Crop-Captain

Great two-drop for a W/R Human Weenie style deck. Great stats and ability for the cost.

Tl;dr: Great Role Player

Decimator Beetle

This guy is just too small and its text too weak for constructed, even in a -1/-1 centric creature deck.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Aven Wind Guide

Not sure if there is currently enough token support to make this worthwhile, but between its ability and added embalm this might be appealing.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Weaver of Currents

This seems too slow and fragile to run the top end cards you need to make it worthwhile. Still, maybe there is a deck that would want it. It seems kinda on the border between not good enough and doing the job well enough.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Shadowstorm Vizier

This potentially pushes the entire cycling thing they try to push onto us into a more proactive midrangy or even aggro-controlish direction. If this works out this could be a pretty great two-drop.

Tl;dr: Potential Role Player

Merciless Javelineer

It is a bit fragile at 4/2 but between potentially getting first strike from Neheb and its decent ability this might end up seeing play in a RB aggro shell.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Pyramid of the Pantheon

This is a quite interesting one. You basically have to give up one mana for turns 2-4 while getting your colors fixed and from turn 5 on you get to have three extra mana aka 8+ mana. That is a ton of mana but in a very flexible and reliable way. If there is a deck that wants this amount of dedicated ramp and might also appreciate the fixing aspect this could make some interesting decks.

Tl;dr: Hit or Miss

Throne of the God-Pharaoh

This is likely mostly a win more card since if you have a couple of creatures that are also tapped at the end of your turn usually means they got to attack and survived attacking in a deck that wants a card like this. But maybe there is a way to abuse this but unlikely.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Oracle’s Vault

This card is simply too slow and clunky as a card advantage engine I think.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Gate to the Afterlife

Currently useless. Maybe interesting depending on what God-Pharaoh’s Gift is going to be. Pretty stupid design to give us an incomplete card first if you ask me.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough (Yet)

The God’s Monuments Cycle

I lumped them all together since they all seem similarly unlikely to see play given that they are usually just too slow for their cost reduction effect to have enough impact combined with their abilities.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Edifice of Authority

The ability of both parts simply seems too low impact and inefficient with the cost.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Emblamer’s Tools

Even though it is cheap it doesn’t do much for the investment of a card.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Cycle Dual Land Cycle

Pretty great dual land cycle. Basic land type helps with the other duals that care about them and the cycling makes up for coming into play tapped. These might even make it into Modern in small numbers since they are fetchable and provide flood protection, but only for slower decks.

Tl;dr: Role Player

Cradle of the Accursed

One of the more decent Deserts and therefore might see play in tandem with cards that care about Deserts or can afford some colorless lands for extra utility.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Grasping Dunes

The other decent Desert for decks that would rather have a reactive effect than a random body.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

That’s it for my first complete set review. Hope you guys enjoyed the review and let me know in the comments what you think and what you would like me to change going forward!

Thanks for reading,


Emanuel Sutor

Emanuel Sutor

Emanuel Sutor is a long time competitive Magic player from Germany with a Grand Prix final and a Pro tour Top 16 under his belt. He is a constructed expert and co-founder of 'Team Luxurious Hair' now called 'Team TCGPlayer'. He loves brewing and tuning decks in various constructed formats and in his column he confides his findings to you.

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