The Dark Confidant – Amonkhet Constructed Set Review: Green

Time to review to the green cards in the penultimate part of my review. Here again is the tl;dr tags established before:

  • Multi-Format Staple – Powerhouse in multiple formats.
  • Single-Format Staple – Powerhouse in a single format.
  • Hit or Miss – Either potentially gamebreaking and enabling a powerful deck or otherwise unplayable.
  • Potential Role Player – Solid card that goes into various decks and does its job without making or breaking any deck.
  • Fringe Playable – Situational niche card that might be ok in small numbers in specific decks or metagames or in a very specific archetype as a filler.
  • Not good enough – Just not good enough for constructed while not being obvious draft chaff.

Rhonas the Indomitable

Now this is a powerful God. Rhonas is simply amazing. A 5/5 Indestructible for three with some minor upside is a big deal and enabling him is really is not that hard between cards like Heart of Kiran, Tireless Tracker and cards from other colors like Glorybringer. This guy is gonna be a powerhouse for months to come. Who knows, maybe he even has potential outside of Standard given his aggressive cost and ability to be turned on by cards like Tarmogoyf and such.

Tl;dr: Single-Format Staple (with Multi-Format potential)

Vizier of the Menagerie

This guy has some decent potential, providing a source of card advantage and color fixing while having acceptable stats at the same time. Currently I am not sure if and how much of a splash the green Vizier is going to make but I think there certainly is potential there in the long run.

Tl;dr: Potential Role Player

Trial of Strength

While a 4/2 for three isn’t the hottest thing in the world, it is also not that bad. The fact that it is rebuyable and turns on Rhonas among other certainly makes this interesting at the very least.

Tl;dr: Potential Role Player

Cartouche of Strength

The card is definitely pretty costly for the effect. If it wasn’t for the potential Trial synergies I would not even discuss the Cartouche but maybe they make it worth looking at. At least it is removal, even if not the best type, and rebuys other good effects for card advantage. Still, I don’t have the highest hopes for this.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Shefet Monitor

Once again not necessarily the right colors for major cycling synergies but a pretty sweet card in its own right. Instant-speed ramp that replaces itself and can even fetch some utility with Deserts and is a reasonably costed, beefy body (for a cycling creature) should make this a well rounded card for slow green decks.

Tl;dr: Potential Role Player

Sandwurm Convergence

8 Mana really? I think that says it all especially if the card does not read: “You win the game.” Timmies might rejoice but that’s about it.

Tl;dr: Not (Remotely) Good Enough

Harvest Season

This card just seems too situational and conditional. Decks that want this effect usually don’t play a lot of creatures and also have a harder time tapping them unless they are mana dorks. Granted, if you can make it work it has a potentially high ceiling in doing some explosive ramping.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Honored Hydra

Well, the frontside of this card is a medium-to-solid draft card, but the Emblam side is pretty interesting. If you can reliably get this discarded or milled, getting a 6/6 Trample for four mana might be constructed worthy with the upside of playing it for 6 first in the lategame too.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Prowling Serpopard

Solid stat-to-cost ratio with minor upside since “can’t be countered” isn’t what it used to be, at least not in Standard and not even that much in Modern especially given that it’s a three-drop that dies to Bolt without leaving a trace behind. Still a solid three-drop to look at in aggressive green decks in Standard.

Tl;dr: Potential Role Player

Champion of Rhonas

While the card has a lot of potential to do broken things, it is also extremely fragile and takes a turn until you can use it. That’s likely a few too many ifs to build around it and probably a bit too weak when not built around specifically.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Channeler Initiate

A great mana accelerant and color fixer that turns into a moderate threat once his services as accelerant are no longer needed. Great mana dork overall.

Tl;dr: Potential Role Player

Defiant Greatmaw

At worst this basically is a 3/4 by putting a counter on itself and another creature and then removing it with the trigger. This might not be impressive enough, especially given that it requires another creature to do so, but maybe there are some nice applications in conjunction with other cards that I can’t think of now.

Tl;dr: (Maybe) Fringe Playable

Hapatra’s Mark

First of all this is a decent protection spell against removal but there might also be some good enough applications in conjunction with some of the aggressively statted -1/-1 counter creatures to push them over the top for the other half of its effect.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Watchful Naga

While the effect is certainly nice, the fact that it requires vigilance or something similar to do it every turn alongside the fact that it is a three mana 2/2 without evasion or anything makes it unlikely and hard to get much use out of its ability. This might have cut it years ago but unlikely these days.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough


Well this is a great upgrade to Viridian Shaman. A+ across multiple formats possibly.

Tl;dr: Great Role Player

Exemplar of Strength

I would say this is an aggressive two-drop with potential especially alongside other cards with the -1/-1 counter theme. Might be something there to try in the long run at least and maybe even good enough on its own.

Tl;dr: Potential Role Player

Crocodile of the Crossing

A 5/4 (4/3) Haste for four in green is definitely worth looking at a little closer, especially if you throw in some -1/-1 counter synergies. Definitely some potential there in my opinion. Might not have a huge impact this time around but should have potential for the time it is legal in Standard.

Tl;dr: Potential Role Player

Sixth Sense

So curiosity is now green for good, hmm? I mean maybe there is some use for this, but I’m not sure if and how much these days. Definitely vulnerable and needs some help.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Synchronized Strike

While combat tricks generally don’t make it into constructed often, especially not expensive ones, this might have enough raw power to at least be worth a consideration if there is a deck interested in such an effect.

Tl;dr: (Maybe) Fringe Playable

Benefaction of Rhonas

While this is effectively green card draw, it requires you to have a lot of creatures and enchantments in your deck to be reliable and the latter is something that rarely happens in constructed decks. Together with the fact that it costs three and is a sorcery makes this pretty questionable. This is likely meant to go along with Trials and Cartouches to rebuy them and creatures to put the Cartouches on but I’m not sure if that is gonna be worth it. However if there is a good deck built around those then this card might actually turn out pretty good.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Greater Sandwurm

The cycling doesn’t really save this one. It likely won’t go into Living End either since a 5/6 Reach usually beats this one in terms of desired body I think.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Gift of Paradise

Too slow and clunky for the effect and gaining three life in the process doesn’t really help much to mitigate that.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Hooded Brawler

In an aggressive deck that can negate the downside of Exert this looks pretty strong actually as a 5/4 for three on offense. Ultimately it might simply be overshadowed by cards like Rhonas existing though

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Haze of Pollen

A reasonably costed Fog with cycling is always potentially useful.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Oashra Cultivator

If this cost two to activate it would be at least worth consideration but at three it is simply way too slow and clunky.

Tl;dr: Not Good Enough

Stinging Shot

A decent effect with cycling attached. Might be useful.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Shed Weakness

Another one of those cards that might be good enough in conjunction with the -1/-1 counter synergies.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

Dessenter’s Deliverance

A Shatter that cycles for one is another pretty decent option to have.

Tl;dr: Fringe Playable

That’s it again for this time. Hope you guys enjoyed the review so far. Let me know in the comments what you think!

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Emanuel Sutor

Emanuel Sutor

Emanuel Sutor is a long time competitive Magic player from Germany with a Grand Prix final and a Pro tour Top 16 under his belt. He is a constructed expert and co-founder of 'Team Luxurious Hair' now called 'Team TCGPlayer'. He loves brewing and tuning decks in various constructed formats and in his column he confides his findings to you.

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