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I decided to use Vegas as a much needed vacation, so here’s a mailbag article! You can read some awesome, Magic-themed content next week!

Pineapple on pizza and why is it correct? – Ryan Hovis

I thought at this point people know my feelings on this. Pineapple on pizza is wrong in my eyes. If you like it, I’m sorry.

Can Walking Ballista go into any deck and if so is that what makes it great? – Robert Pompa

Right after the meta settled down I made a status singing the praises of Walking Ballista. The card is versatile, dynamic, and powerful. As such it fits into a wide variety of shells and can even be great in decks that have no ability to give it free counters. Since it scales so well throughout the game it’s easy to find a spot to play it in your curve. Players have to respect it once it is on the field and it can change game plans. We also see the power of Ballista as it has slotted perfectly into Eldrazi Tron in Modern, Food Chain in Legacy, and Workshops in Vintage. I expect the card to see some play in Standard until it finally rotates out.

Do you fear the Daddy? – Kevin Jones

I promised fellow MGTCardMarket writer Kevin “I call myself Daddy” Jones I would answer this.

The truth is this: I don’t fear Kevin whether it be real life or in Magic. The reason is because we’ve been friends for so long it’s hard to see Kevin as a fearsome person. I respect Kevin’s play in Magic and I don’t ever plan on taking a match with him lightly. But it’s hard to take the guy who crashed at your house multiple weekends in a row and whose car is generally so messy you can’t touch the floor as someone to be feared.

What is the best way to deal with tilt/getting unlucky? – Patrick Simba

I don’t have a good answer for you Simba. I would recommend asking your father, Mufasa for guidance.

For me personally the best way for me to deal with any tilt is to reach out to my friends and complain about the situation. I get over it afterwards but in that moment there is a build up of emotion. I can get through it on my own but having friends I can let some steam off too is very helpful for me. I’m sure there’s a better way to handle it for each person, but this is what works for me.

Is Bontu’s Last Reckoning playable in any format? – MJ Worsham

The short answer is “Yes, in Standard.”

Legacy and Modern both have access to better Wraths at the a solid cost so it is harder to justify playing something with such a major drawback.

I do however think this card can find a home in Standard. Three mana for a Wrath is extremely efficient and powerful. Despite the drawback effectively making the card cost (at least) six mana, costing three the first time around can do everything you need. Being mana efficient is king and this Wrath is cheap enough that you can cast multiple spells and not just leave yourself wide open.

I’m interested to see what cards you get to play around with and wonder if a card with this drawback means we will see the return of mana rocks.

If you could pick 3 packs from different sets to make a draft format what packs would you pick? – Phil Rose

Innistrad, Amonkhet, M10.

Why these packs? I like them. I hope that’s good enough.

Decks consist of a triangle of power, consistency, and playability. Which of these do you value the most and why? – Shane Bradley

Great question Shane. If you look at my history of decks I prefer to lean towards decks closer to consistency and playability over power. I like having a lot of lines available to me and be able to switch roles at will. Consistency is the other part of the triangle I value a lot. Over the course of a tournament variance ends up playing a huge part in anyone’s game. I would like to minimize the damage done by playing a powerful but potentially inconsistent deck.

Cherry or blueberry icee? -Anuraag Das


Do you think it’s better to brew a deck to beat the meta or play the meta to beat the brews? – Danyul Jackson

I always prefer to lean on the best deck in the format. There’s a reason the deck is the best and brewing sometimes leaves you unfulfilled against the meta at large. Unless your sample size is large enough you know you will dominate the best deck, it’s generally looser.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? – Michael Antrim

I don’t give very long future plans much thought but I’d really like to go back to working in a physical store. Hopefully in the next few years I can work my way back until doing that. Bills are important though so my focus is having a job that pays for everything without struggle so that takes priority.

What cards do you want to see come off the banned list in Modern. Also what would you like to see banned, if anything. – Scott Spurlock

As of right now I’m not sure if there’s anything that should come off. The banned list is really good right now and the format is super open.

Instead, I’d like to ban Simian Spirit Guide. While it doesn’t actually have many numbers in the format, it is one of those cards that can only be really busted. It helps create turn two and three decks and that isn’t what we want Modern to be.

In the future, I also expect to see something like Street Wraith banned as Death’s Shadow is starting to breach the point of too broken. For now, I think Shadow is perfectly fine. But it wouldn’t be hard to see a new card printed that breaks the deck fully in half.

What are some of your favorite/creative Modern sideboard cards for the current state of the format? – Ryan Murray

Ceremonious Rejection is one of my favorite sideboard cards in recent memory. I love that it’s just a great hate card for Eldrazi Tron and Affinity alike and gives Snapcaster decks the ability to work through a tough match up.

Kozilek’s Return is my other favorite card. An instant speed Pyroclasm that beats cards like Etched Champion is sweet.

The End

I had a lot of fun answering these questions and hope I can do this again in the future. I’ll be back next week with my thoughts on the recent announcements as well.

Rudy Briksza

Rudy Briksza

Rudy Briksza is a middling magic player with dreams as big as his ego. He has 8 Open Series Top 8s including 2 wins, one in Standard and one in Legacy. He competed in the 2016 SCG Player's Championships. He really likes Taco Bell and if you don’t you’re wrong.
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