Rudy v. Kevin – Mardu Vehicles v. UR Thermo

Rudy and Kevin are battling head-to-head on Magic Online. Watch them spar with Standard powerhouses to see which emerges as the victor! This week, Mardu Vehicles Vs. UR Thermo!

Rudy with Mardu

[Due to technical errors, only Rudy’s side of the broadcast will be available this week]

Kevin Jones
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Kevin Jones

Kevin has been playing Magic on and off since Urza's Saga. A fixture on the SCG Tour, he has played in all 3 Player's Championships, has amassed 9 SCG Open top 8s with 2 wins, appeared in 2 Pro Tours and is the 2014 Eternal Weekend Legacy Champion. Also, he's The Daddy. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, or playing a mediocre blue deck at a Magic tournament near you!
Kevin Jones
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Published:May 8, 2017


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